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Continuing Education Requirements

​Insurance Producers:

• For Licenses in effect for 13-18 months: 12 hours of continuing education is required prior to the expiration date.
• For Licenses in effect for 19-24 months: 24 hours of continuing education including three hours of ethics.


• “inactive agent”defined as an individual who is retired, disabled or has not obtained from the Commissioner of Insurance a current certificate of authority. An inactive agent shall not solicit new business or service existing business, but may receive renewal commissions.
• nonresident licensee who meets the continuing education requirement in the state in which such person resides. If the nonresident licensee’s home state has no continuing education requirement, the agent must comply with Mississippi continuing education requirement.
• licensee with a limited industrial life, industrial health and accident, small loan, industrial health or full coverage auto license.
• individual that is exempted from taking a written examination.

To check the status of your license or see how many hours of continuing education you need, go to Sircon Licensing

For more information on licensing, go to Mississippi Insurance Department